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When to use Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

When to use Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

At AFC Urgent Care Simpsonville, our medical professionals know what a stressful time it can be when you or a loved one experiences a minor injury or illness. For that reason, our family friendly urgent care center offers fast walk-in medical services, so that you can spend less time in a waiting room and feel your healthiest as soon as possible. Here are 10 of the top reasons that patients visit an emergency room:

  1. Chest Pain: Chest pain can be a sign of minor illnesses or a major heart attack. It is important that you go to a hospital immediately for care if you have chest pain.
  2. Skin Infections: Infections can vary from itchy bumps to signs of chickenpox, and should be tended to by a physician.
  3. Cuts and Lacerations: Our doctors at AFC Urgent Care can quickly disinfect and tend to your cuts and lacerations on a walk-in basis.
  4. Bone Injuries and Sprains: For any minor breaks or sprains, our urgent care center can help you out.
  5. Respiratory Illness: Respiratory illness can include bronchitis or whooping cough, and requires medical attention before symptoms worsen.
  6. Toothaches: Patients who experience painful toothaches at late hours usually choose an urgent care center or emergency room for fast relief.
  7. Foreign Intrusions: Our clinic can help you and your children with foreign objects in the body, such as swallows toys or intrusions in the ear.
  8. Back Pain: Back pain can be a sign of chronic pain, or something more serious.
  9. Headaches and Migraines: When a headaches or minor migraine strikes in the middle of the day, our medical professionals can help you feel better fast.
  10. Abdominal Pain: Stomach pain can be caused by a large variety of factors, and usually requires swift attention from a doctor.

If you are experiencing any minor medical emergency symptoms, then please do not hesitate to walk into AFC Urgent Care Simpsonville for medical attention. We hope that our doctors can help you and your family feel healthier soon!

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