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AFC Urgent Care Doctor and Medical Staff Reviews

Keep up the great work.
David C 6/29/2015

They were amazing.
karamjit k. 6/23/2015

Dr Haddad was brilliant, great bedside manners and super competent. Would love to have him as my doctor.
Sue I. 6/20/2015

I LOVE going to this locations esp when Michelle is there! She does a wonderful job! I came to see her for a sinus infection and SHE ACTUALLY LISTENED TO ME. I’ve been to minute clincs and Doctors Care but this time it was an awesome experience! The wait was under an hour and she geniunly listened to my symptoms and treated ME not just what I was saying. I felt better with in a couple of days! Michelle Starks and Nicole are fantastic! I’ll be spreading the word!
Tabitha D. 6/18/2015

I’ve been there for a workers comp injury for stitches. My first experience was not so good with the first doctor bc he was not to nice. But my next two visits with the lady doctor was good. She was nice and seemed to listen and want to help me. I work at ______ and they actually wanted me to call to see if she was working before I went up to you guys. I agree that she’s the best. Before I left she even came back to explain my treatment and medications along with my work note. Good job! Oh and I was there on Wensday.
Jonathan O. 5/29/2015

Nicole The X-ray lady and Shelly the Np were amazing
Katie 5/28/2015

Great staff, great Doctor – with a good sense of humor. Highly recommended.
Annette D. G. 5/25/2015

It was an awesome experience
Crystal I. 5/8/2015

Came in originally for lab work up and saw Dr Grant. He was very thorough. Was called back by Dr Starks and she reviewed my labs and spent plenty of time answering my questions too. I came in again today for an issue I didn’t even know about and spoke with Dr Starks again and all is still well! It’s nice to have a local clinic that sees you as a person an not just a dollar! I’ll be back and so will my family!
Lacy B. 5/6/2015

I’m going to Ghana and had a travel meeting for shots! The young lady doctor was so nice and smart about what I needed and helped me with a plan to make sure I was safe to travel. Smart young doctor! The nurse was good at shots too!
Frances H. 5/6/2015

I could not have been more pleased with the staff, treatment, and short waiting time. I would gladly recommend this facility to anyone. I thought it was very nice and showed concern with the day after call checking on my condition.
Kathy F. 5/5/2015

I was seen by Michelle Starks and she was the best! She throughly went over my diagnosis and told me to call or come back if I had any concerns. She truly showed a lot of concern for me as a patient and I appreciated that very much. I will definitely be recommending her to others.
Lauren C. 5/1/2015

Great experience! Was in to see Dr Grant to have a spot looked at and drained. He opened it and I had to come back two times and have it packed. Dr Starks the Nurse Practitioner did it both times and was careful because she knew it hurt so bad! It’s nice to know they cared about my feelings and neither doctor rushed me even though they had a lobby full of people!
Brandy G. 4/30/2015

I went to this office,very sick…I was immediately made comfortable,,the receptionist was very kind, attentive,as well as informative..The nurses were EXCEPTIONAL!!!The Doctor I seen(Dr.Grant),was phenomenal,,,he is truly an asset to this practice..I will definitely use this practice every time I should need doctors care…Thanks to the terrific staff.
Lisa R. 4/27/2015

I saw Michelle Starks last week at the location on Woodruff Road and was having a severe respiratory reaction. She worked to stabilize me and then insisted I go to the hospital ER. I was adopted there for two days. I was told to follow up and felt so confident with her I went to her at Simpsonville. She spent plenty of time with me even though they were busy and listened to everything I had to say. I also want you to know that Davina at Woodruff Road was great too.
Aqualynne C. 4/19/2015

Dr. Michelle, Dora Dorizand Anna in registration showed me and my son great compassion yesterday when he came in with a broken leg. Everyone helped me calm down and gave me directions to the children’s hospital! Wonderful experience-considering
Keri B. 4/19/2015

Brought my son in for what we thought was a sprained ankle and Michelle Starks, FNP SAID IT WAS BROKEN! I’m a nurse and she showed me the X-rays and I could hardly see it but it was there! Impressive! Thanks Dora for being kind while doing the X-rays too.
Nathan H. 4/19/2015

Came in and saw Dr Haddad for a burn. Given cream and sent home days later it was healing but pain was horrible. Called back and the doctor there took care of me without hesitation and also sent me to a specialist! Felt important by everyone! Y’all did good!
Russell R. 4/19/2015

Came for a follow up appointment and the front desk was so nice!!! Keltrinana(?sp) and Nicole were great also. I was in and out in less than 40 minutes and still had plenty of time with my doctor! She’s great! Smart as a whip for being so young!
Sheila M. 4/18/2015

I was very satisfied with my visit.Everyone was friendly and caring.My visit didn`t take long.Thanks to everyone for caring.
Margaret T. 4/18/2015

Very pleased with the care I received. I even had a follow up call the next day about my visit. I don’t get this kind of care from the family doctor!
Sharon M. 4/17/2015

I visited yesterday a little after 5pm – the wait was a bit long, but the front office staff told everyone who came in how long the wait would be, whether they asked themselves or not. I thought that was nice. The nurse was extremely friendly and made everything easier. The Doctor was also very nice and once I was brought back, I did not wait long at all to see him. Even as I left, one of the staff said good night. It was a great experience!
Alison S. 4/15/2015

This is a very nice facility! I was very impressed! I was pleased with my care there! Thanks Nicole, Zena, and Michelle!
Garrett T. 4/12/2015

Everybody was very nice and helpful. I will be recommending others to use their services.
Cindy B. 4/11/2015

I have bad anxiety about the doctor’s office and today it helped a ton that everyone actually listened to me and made me feel not as anxious.
Emily J. 4/10/2015

Dr Grant and his NP are EXCELLENT! Staff there is awesome! Two thumbs up! I’ll bring my children there over their pediatrician for any illness from now on!
Daniel S. 4/8/2015

The staff at this location was very nice, helpful and caring. They will make an appointment for my grandson to see another doctor at Steadman Hawkins to see about his elbow.
Nancy H. 4/7/2015

Wonderful attention! Thanks to Dr: Joseph Grant I’m felling great!
Yolanda C. 3/18/2015

I was very happy with the care given me in the office. The staff were great and Dr. Michelle Starks was wonderful. She explained every thing to me and was listening to every word I said. Would I return there if needed…………….IN A HEART BEAT
Denise P. 3/11/2015

Love the ability to schedule appointments online. I still had to wait when I arrived but overall the wait was not that long.
Thomas D. 2/20/2015

Only real complaint need more comfortable waiting room chairs.
John M. 2/18/2015

Everything was good.
Leslie S. 2/18/2015

Each visit has been excellent. Everyone is helpful and pleasant- Dr. grant is wonderful and so kind!!!
Jena B. 2/18/2015

Extremely pleased with the friendly knowledgeable staff. Everyone was very caring and professional.
Johnna R. 2/18/2015

It was a Sunday afternoon and I got right in and taken care of quickly. The Dr. advised me to go to the ER since I needed a CT scan, but he told me of the possibilities of what the problem was and he was right on it was diverticulitis. I was very pleased with the experience.
Cheryl G. 2/18/2015

I really liked how bright the atmosphere was. Lots of windows and light and it didn’t feel like a doctor’s office. I don’t remember if there was a water fountain or something of the sort but that would be nice. I wasn’t feeling too well one time and that would have helped. If it was there, I wasn’t feeling good enough to notice it.
Brandi E. 2/18/2015

Brought my son in with stomach pains. The Dr. made us laugh and feel very comfortable.
Tiffany D. 2/18/2015

There is one specific doctor at my local location that I wish I could have as my general doctor. I have frequented this location numerous times since it opened for both myself and my children. We are very happy when we get to see he is in duty to care for us.
Shannon C. 2/18/2015

Dr. Grant was very patient and listened to me.
Angela S. 2/18/2015

This office was very clean and very nice love it would go back and send friends back to them.
Melissa M. 2/18/2015

Front desk staff was great. They were more than willing to help in every way possible. Great experience every time.
Heather R. 2/18/2015

Thanks for the hand sanitizer at the check out.
Cathy M. 2/18/2015

Thank you for providing a convenient place to come to on the weekends 🙂
Susan T. 2/18/2015

This was my first visit and first impressions are important. Though I was in a bit of pain I had a great visit. Both the doctor and staff were equally pleasant.
Seretta H. 2/18/2015

Great visit overall. The waiting room was too small.
Jessica L. 2/18/2015

It was a great experience for a bad day. I’ll be back for future needs. Ladies were lovely!
Devin G. 2/18/2015

Its a great doctors office.
Neandra M. 2/18/2015

Dr. Grant was wonderful. I sent my daughter and grandchildren to him as well.
Karen D. 2/18/2015

Dr. Jah was warm and friendly. Explained treatment options well. I was very impressed with the friendly atmosphere and thorough exam.
Gitonya B. 1/27/2015

So refreshing to be at an urgent care and have people be friendly and genuinely concerned with our well-being. Thank you!
Susan S. 11/17/2014

Everyone took very good care of my son.
Marquita M. 11/13/2014

I have never been treated this good at any medical facility. Doctor Joseph Grant was caring and interested in my condition. Brittney, the nurse was excellent.
Jane W. 11/9/2014

Was very impressed with facility, staff, and short wait time, which was why I visited instead of waiting to be worked in by my regular Doctor. I will definitely be recommending this practice for urgent care.
Rachel W. 10/29/2014

I liked the visit could not ask for a better staff and doctor they are by far the best i have been to in years.
Clarence P. 10/28/2014

I was extremely pleased in all the foregoing aspects. I could have called my primary doctor on Friday but they are always so busy and takes several days for an appointment. I waited until Saturday so I could try out your new location in Simpsonville. I certainly will recommend this office to friends.
Shirley S. 10/14/2014

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