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X-Ray Services in Simpsonville, SC

AFC Urgent Care Clinic offers an X-Ray lab on site with immediate interpretation by physicians who diagnose and treat injuries and illness from broken bones to pneumonia.

X-Ray Services in Simpsonville, SC

Every year, thousands of Americans break a bone or sprain a muscle. Most of these injured people turn to a hospital emergency room for immediate care, but unfortunately end up waiting for hours before a doctor is available. At AFC Urgent Care Simpsonville, our medical professionals provide fast and reliable X-Ray services for patients of all ages. We aim to provide you and your loved ones with accurate X-Ray services, so that you can leave our walk-in clinic aware and healthier.

All of our X-Ray services are provided on-site, so patients can simply walk in and receive care. When you leave AFC Urgent Care Simpsonville, you can take a CD with your X-Ray images for a primary care physician. We provide X-Rays for a large variety of fractures and breaks, and our doctors are here for your family during your time of need. Our clinic is open during flexible hours and is conveniently located in Simpsonville, SC.

From collarbones to ankles, our medical team is well experienced in providing X-Ray services on a walk-in basis. We look forward to helping you and your loved ones feel healthier soon at AFC Urgent Care Simpsonville!

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